Alzheimer's Director Makes Beautiful Music

Music strikes a chord in their souls where nothing else can. It's exactly what Dawn Dunn sees every day in the Alzheimer's residents she works with - the power of music. Dunn is the program director at The Lantern at Morning Pointe Alzheimer's Center of Excellence in Collegedale, TN....

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Morning Pointe Families Connect with SimpleC

For George, it’s watching the planes, other men like seeing old cars and they all love the cute photos of babies and pets. All of the photos and videos are available at the touch of a screen on new interactive...

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  • What people are saying about Morning Pointe: “ “She had become isolated, all of her friends her age were gone; she was looking for some kind of recognition and value. She wanted to feel worthwhile. My mom is happy at Morning Pointe – she loves the caregivers. They do a wonderful job and they are like family to her.” – Emily, Morning Pointe ”

  • What people are saying about Morning Pointe: “ I am very happy here at Morning Pointe. The food is good and the people are great. I come and go and still do all the things I enjoy doing, but my family has peace of mind knowing I am being taken care of. ”

  • What people are saying about Morning Pointe: “ It became very difficult to fill the day with the caregivers at home. They didn’t have the expertise or skill to know what to do with my husband. I feel like making this change to The Lantern at Morning Pointe was the best thing I could have ever done for him. He has purpose now.” – Amy Smith, family member ”