Life Enrichment at Morning Pointe
Life Enrichment at Morning Pointe

Life Enrichment

The activity and social calendar at Morning Pointe Assisted Living/Personal Care is not just about staying busy, it’s about creating purposeful days. Our programming focuses on connecting residents to activities they have enjoyed while exposing them to new possibilities. It involves volunteers and students of all ages, partnerships with the greater community and friendships with their new neighbors. The life enrichment director heads up the creation of the monthly calendar scheduling regular and changing activities inside and outside the building with a focus on eight purposeful methods of engaging our residents. They include:

  • Daily Exercise and Physical Activity: Exercise, Active or Sport Games, etc.
  • Mind, Body and Spirit: Religious Services, Hymn Singing, Inspirational Readings, Meditation, Music, etc.
  • Life-Long Learning and Cognitive Flexibility: Trivia Games, Current Events, Classes, Educational speakers, etc.
  • Community/Partners and Outside Social Connection/Service, (regular projects that encourage volunteering and giving back in the city/county where they live)
  • Intergenerational Programming: Connecting with Children/Students of All Ages
  • Creative/Nurturing/Sensory: Art, Music, Horticulture, Baking, Pet Visits, etc.
  • Social/Celebration: Parties, Discussion Groups, Themed Activities, etc.
  • Outings: Exploring the Outside Community

In fact, most weeks the residents venture outside the Morning Pointe senior living campus and explore all that their greater community has to offer including new restaurants, the arts, and nature. Check out our latest activity calendar for each community on our website, ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow our latest news. There is so much going on at Morning Pointe Assisted Living/Personal Care. Come be a part of it!


Regular exercise and physical activity are important to the physical and mental well-being of almost everyone, especially older adults. At Morning Pointe, an exercise program is part of every day. Being physically active can help you continue to do the things you really enjoy while maintaining your independence as you age.  Regular physical exercise over long periods of time can have long-term health benefits. That’s why health experts encourage older adults be active every day.

Intergenerational Activities

This involves a wide range of programming that includes children and students of all ages. For seniors, the benefits of developing intergenerational relationships include health improvements, emotional support and enhanced socialization skills. For children, these relationships decrease negative behaviors, provide positive role models and teach appreciation for people and the past.

Life Enrichment at Morning Pointe


It doesn’t matter what age you are, people need people. At Morning Pointe Assisted Living/Personal Care, we understand how much one’s quality of life is enhanced simply by friendship. Seniors who are actively engaged in activities they love and sharing their passion with others are happier and likely healthier. We make sure our residents are involved and if they are unable to be active, then we go to them, creating Meaningful Days inside their apartments. Our life enrichment staff regularly connect our seniors with volunteer work helping them to continue to make a difference inside and outside our community. We understand that feeling valued and a part of something is important no matter what age you are. The benefits are priceless.

Community Service

Many of the seniors who call Morning Pointe Assisted Living and Personal Care home were active volunteers in the communities where they lived. So, it makes sense to continue that work. We make a point to understand all that a resident was involved in before he/she moved to a Morning Pointe Senior Living community and we reach out to those very groups. Morning Pointe regularly hosts retired teacher luncheons, veterans groups and serves as a meeting place for numerous community organizations and nonprofits. When groups aren’t inside our building gathering on behalf of the residents, Morning Pointe seniors are hard at work making a difference through monthly service projects. They have stuffed dolls for children scheduled for surgery, created blankets for the homeless and worked in area food banks. Together they have raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Life Enrichment at Morning Pointe


Birthdays, holidays, important days of history, inventions, as well as celebrations from around the world, there is always something to celebrate, remember, and learn about at Morning Pointe Assisted Living/Personal Care. Each of the celebrations are a great opportunity to dress up or dress a-like, to create a specialty craft or work on a community service project for others. And of course, enjoy all kinds of food, new dishes and outstanding desserts. It’s a great way to socialize and connect with others as we continue to create purposeful days for your loved one.

Weekly Outings

Just about every week, you can find a group of Morning Pointe Senior Living residents out and about exploring the greater city they live in. You can spot them easily in the Morning Pointe van or bus as they head to take in a movie, a show, dinner and dessert. Sometimes they are visiting landmarks and key city venues. Oftentimes, they are delivering goodies to other organizations and lending a helping hand.

Meaningful days at Morning Pointe Senior Living

Power of Art

The life enrichment area also serves as interactive activity area inviting all forms of art. Residents can initi­ate a project on their own, join in on instructive sessions, or watch local artists at work. Art is a recognized form of therapy no matter what your level or ability is. Often, these projects are on display in the community.