Meaningful Day

We have developed the components of a Meaningful Day for The Lantern Alzheimer’s Memory Care communities by employing the unique approach that focuses on each person’s interests and life experiences, allowing for “personalized” programming versus a “one size fits all” life enrichment program.

Our staff is available to nurture and help maintain each resident’s individuality, dignity and quality of life through meaningful activities and needs-based programming. By investing time and attention in understanding prior roles, routines and interests of each resident, our staff provides individualized programming that truly focuses on quality of life.


is a wellness technology company that delivers media-based non-pharmacological care and wellness interventions or therapies inside The Lantern at Morning Pointe Memory Care Communities.

The system is made up of products called The SimpleC Companion™, Community Connect and Care Portal which are simple to use and promote a higher quality of life.

These three components work together throughout the day to support a healthy daily routine, create moments of meaningful engagement and provide mood and behavioral support as needed.  SimpleC’s therapies are created using a blend of four time proven methodologies:  Reminiscence Therapy, Music Therapy, Validation Therapy and Simulated Presence Therapy or “Trusted Voice”.

The therapies that are available on The SimpleC Companion and Community Connect consist of compositions of rich visual cues such as family photographs or images of places and topics that an individual will enjoy and that resonate with what is personally meaningful. The personalized media fosters positive memories, creates a sense of belonging and stimulates action to engage in healthy daily  routines.  Playing through The SimpleC Companion they hear audio such as preferred pieces of music or personalized messages recorded by family members or a favorite caregiver.

Family members, friends and caregivers can easily contribute to the care by visiting Companion Hub.  This is both a website and an app available on Google Play or the App Store where pictures or other media can be loaded and voice recordings can be made.  This interface allows for collaboration and participation by many people regardless of geographical distance while enhancing personalization of the therapies.

Best Friends Approach

Best Friends™ is a method of care for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Associates at The Lantern at Morning Pointe Alzheimer’s Memory Care Communities are trained to use this approach daily. This comprehensive approach is grounded in the understanding that relationships are supremely important in dementia care and require the essential elements of friendship: respect, empathy, support, trust, and humor. The Best Friends™ Approach to Alzheimer’s care is completely person-centered and flexible enough to adapt to each person’s remaining strengths and abilities.

Being a good friend, involves:

  • Knowing a person
  • Being empathetic, warm, and loving
  • Communicating
  • Knowing your friend well–his/her history and preferences
  • Doing things together
  • Letting go of the little things

Life Skill Stations

Life skill stations allow residents to spontaneously engage while spending time in the common area of the Lantern at Morning Pointe Memory Care Community. They are updated and repurposed regularly based on use and resident interests and changing needs. Some of the life skill stations found in many of The Lanterns include a kitchen, schoolhouse, nursery, music room, doctor’s office, garage, workshop, etc.

Dining with Dignity: White Towel Service

The White Towel Service is meant to enhance the dining experience. From a practical perspective it also serves as a means to clean hands prior to or after a meal. Fiesta Dinnerware is used in order to assist residents with vision challenges or impaired depth perception, a contrasting color of fiesta dinnerware has purposefully been chosen. Dining Scarfs are used for ease and elegance. Finger Food Menu is also offered.  As residents age in place or their dementia progresses, foods often need to be adapted due to the residents’ ability.  It is preferable to adapt the menu to finger foods to allow the resident to continue to dine independently.

Teepa Snow

Teepa Snow™ Activity Boxes

These changing activity boxes are an excellent way to engage individual residents or small groups.  They are also helpful when residents become anxious or agitated. They can be great conversation starters to assist in getting to know residents. For residents who prefer to stay in their apartment, a personal or individualized box stored in their apartment, containing items of specific interest to that resident is an available option.

Guided Choices

Guided choices assist in keeping residents involved in guiding their care and helps preserve their dignity.  Even when communication diminishes, guided choices is an ideal way to still involve the resident in day-to-day decisions. Ex. “Would you like to wear the blue blouse or the green blouse today?”

Memory Boxes

Memory boxes at The Lantern at Morning Pointe Alzheimer’s Memory Care Communities are an important element that assists residents in finding and locating their apartment.  The intent of the memory box is also to help other residents and associates to get to know the new resident, both past and present.  Families are encouraged to create a memory box for their loved one.

Power of Art

The life enrichment area also serves as an interactive activity area inviting all forms of art. Residents can initiate a project on their own, join in on instructive sessions, or watch local artists at work. Art is a recognized form of therapy no matter what your level or ability is. Often, these projects are on display in the community.