With the goal of increasing independence, overall wellness and socialization, Morning Pointe Senior Living offers a variety of therapy programs including physical, speech, occupational and more.

Physical Therapy

On-site physical, occupational and speech therapy services are provided now at many Morning Pointe assisted living/personal care and Alzheimer’s memory care communities through both an outpatient therapy clinic and home health visits inside the building. The purpose of the new in-house therapy service is to provide residents easy access to additional services that proactively maximizes their independence and increases their chances of remaining at Morning Pointe longer, rather than having to move into a nursing home. Check with the staff at your community for details on available services.

Pet Therapy

Animals in assisted living and Alzheimer’s memory care communities provide a constant source of comfort and are a focus of our attention. Pets bring out our nurturing instinct. They also make us feel safe and unconditionally accepted. Research has shown that pet therapy can reduce pain symptoms, depression, anxiety and stress. We schedule regular visits from pet therapy groups at our assisted living/personal care and Alzheimer’s Memory Care communities and even encourage residents to bring their beloved pet.


Music at Morning Pointe is a new and developing program at Morning Pointe Assisted Living/Personal Care communities that embraces the power of music encouraging residents to move, listen and learn throughout the day. The concept focuses on four specific areas: relaxation, education, musical enrichment and atmosphere; enabling residents to choose how they best relate to music while promoting socialization and life-long learning through ever changing technology. Through music, residents at some Morning Pointe communities explore the sounds of different instruments, they move and exercise, join in sing-alongs and participate in choir performances while also learning about different kinds of music from all over the world, attending musical concert outings and taking in musical guests at Morning Pointe.